Enrollment / Tuition


Annual Membership

 There is a $35 Annual Membership/Registration fee for each family with children enrolled.

Billing and Payment

We operate on a perpetual enrollment basis. Perpetual enrollment means that your child’s spot in class is automatically reserved upon timely receipt of your monthly tuition payment. Tuition invoices are billed every four (4) weeks at the beginning of the next 4-week billing cycle.
Please make sure that we have your preferred email address. An email will be sent out a
week prior to the next billing cycle. All tuition billing at The Flippin Gym is set up as automatic billing. Upon registering for a class, you will be asked to provide bank account information for electronic check transfer or credit card information for automatic credit card billing. Your payment will be automatically charged at the beginning of each billing cycle (4 week intervals).

Multi-Class Discount

Members pay full price on one class only. 10% discount for each additional sibling / class for individuals and families
(excludes competitive)

Prices for all classes are for students attending once weekly unless noted by
session dates, competitive embers or camps.

Drop Procedure:

We understand schedules change, and we encourage you to explore our many other class days and times. If you decide to take a break from classes, please fill out a drop form at the Front Desk. Verbal notice, while appreciated, is not considered an official drop request. Drop requests MUST be submitted prior to the 15th in order to avoid being charged for the upcoming session.