A USA Gymnastics Member Club

Offering a fun environment for preschool gymnastics, progressive girls classes, “TnT” (Tough-n-Tumble, coed, Ninja style), “Extreme Gymnastics” and competitive programs.

Progressive classes build on the basic skills of each level. Students are developing strength, flexibility, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and agility which are not only inherent in gymnastics, but are the basis for all other sports and activities. Our students learn in a fun filled, safe environment where they achieve success in key developmental areas such as concentration, confidence, creativity and self-discipline.

Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnastics Team

Levels 3:

Our Level 3 Girls Preteam starts their competitive career with 2-4 “in-house or local” meets. This gives these young gymnasts a chance to experience the competitive world of gymnastics without having to incur many of the expenses that go along with being a part of a traveling team.

Level 4-5 Girls Team

Level 4 is our first competitive level that experiences “full season”. Levels 4 & 5 are compulsory levels.  This means that every Level 4 and 5 gymnast in the US that are USA Gymnastics athlete members learn and perform the same routines.  GTG athletes experience one out of state meet and can qualify for Montana State Championships.

Level 6-10 Girls Team

Once gymnasts have achieved the necessary skill base, and rise to Level 6-10, they are considered optional gymnasts.  Athletes at these levels have individual routines choreographed specifically for them.  These routines must include certain special requirements but each routine is constructed to personify the attributes of the individual.

Coming for the 2019-2020, the addition of “Xcel”

Great Falls competitive team currently follows the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.

Conrad location offers developmental gymnastics for preschool and follows the USA Gymnastics Xcel program.