Lit’l Duke University & Golden Rule Preschool

(Great Falls) (Conrad)

Movement based learning for children age 3 1/2 5 years. Offering half and full day options, Monday through Thursday. The best of learning worlds. Where “traditional” meets movement learning.

When engaged in movement of the body, we are able to access multiple parts of our brain. When children can access their brain and move their bodies simultaneously, they are in a state of mind ready for learning!  We are extremely fortunate. We have two great locations ready for us to integrate a variety of sensory and movement-based experiences for our learners. This allows your children to be active learners and integrate academics with movement, play, projects, creativity, and critical thinking!

 Morning Gym Time welcome* Special time in the gym to play freely. Followed by movement morning circle time. We can jump, sing, hop and learn.

Circle Calendar Time* Begins with “fine motor roll call”, the pledge, listen to a story, and discuss the calendar, seasons, birthday and the theme presented in the class for that day.

School Time* Opportunities to build with blocks, create cities for little people, race cars, do a puzzle, play a game, or dance. Our Art center creates a time to draw or glue, squish play-dough, paint an original at the easel, or  explore the daily art or science project, sensory bins, writing, counting and more! We infuse years of invaluable experience with “Zoo-Phonics”, “Starfall” and “Learning without Tears”.

Bathroom Time* Children learn the importance of self-hygiene and independent dressing skills, such as putting on socks, and tying shoes.

Snack Time & Lunch Time* A snack calendar is shared. Full Day students bring lunch. We are happy to warm up, toast or prepare your items for children.

Clean Up* Everyone cleans together and prepares for the next activity.

Gym Time* All classes receive daily, beginning with 20 minutes of active free play, enhancing gross motor skills and waking up the brain. We incorporate music, cooperative games and movement learning. Later in the day, a structured class gym time uses gymnastics to increase core strength, teach basic gymnastic shapes and beginning gymnastic progressions.

Check us out for “the best days ever”

Summer Kick Start to Kindergarten ends August 21st - See you next year!